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The Great Big Home & Garden EXPO

I knew the Home and Garden show was coming soon to the IX Center here in Cleveland.  I went to their website to find the exact dates.  While there I entered a bunch of online contest they had for the show.  I completely forgot about it, then I got a phone call last Sunday.    The woman on the phone said CONGRATULATIONS!! You just won a Grandfather Clock and 4 Tickets to the Show on Saturday and front row seats to Ty Pennington’s show on Saturday!!  I had, quite frankly, forgotten what I had entered for.  She started to describe the clock and then said “Oh you saw it when you entered!”!  I was laughing to myself because really I had no idea.  Anyways, my tickets came today and I can’t wait to go to the show!


I made about 4 loaves of bread with the brioche dough.  One of the things I did was try this “Pastry” dish from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I changed it up just a little because I had no pine nuts and thought garlic sounded good!

I grabbed about a pound of dough from the frig. and rolled it into an 8×18 square.  (Or tried!)

Then I put some frozen spinach in a pan with butter and cooked it down.  I also added some grated garlic.

Put a line of Feta cheese in the middle of the dough.

Then dump on the spinach making sure most of the water in cooked out.

Cut strips on the side of the dough 1/2 inch apart and then fold over spinach.

The website recommends cooking all the bread on a pizza stone which I do not have so I used a pan.  As you can see it did NOT fit well!

The recipe calls for it to sit for 40 mins, but I didn’t do this.  I just put it in a 350 oven for 30 mins.

Not pretty will have to work on that, but Ken loved it and it made the house smell so good!!

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Trying New Things

I came across THIS website the other day while looking at blogs.   I have been intently reading the blog for loads of great bread recipes.   Really though I need to buy both of their books!  Someday I will manage that.  In the meantime I’m trying out what recipes they have on their website and most of them have come out great.  I started by making a half whole wheat (ground by myself with the Vita-Mix) and Half Non-bleached all purpose flour in a Boule kind of shape.   

Yesterday I decided to make the brioche dough and let it chill in the frig overnight.  This afternoon I made the same shape bread only I put it in my new cast iron dutch oven!  I’ve been waiting to get one and now it’s here!

Not the prettiest loaf, but both the boys and Ken approved of the bread!  I had a little sticking issue in the dutch oven.  Maybe next time I will put cornmeal on the bottom and not just flour.

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OK, Maybe she looks a little like Joshua!


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I realize that it was June 2009 since I last posted.  I got used to just updating in Facebook.  So much has gone on in that time.  I can hardly believe it is Almost the end of January 2010!  Sophie is almost 3 months old and getting chubby and cuter as she gets older.  We have been back in Berea since the Beginning of December and I am ready for the Spring and warmth.  Even though I will say it has been a mild Winter so far and we have had a handful of days with the Sun peeking it’s head through the clouds.  That is a small, but lovely surprise in the Winter. 

Here is what Sophie looks like now!  Far different from the ultrasound below.  I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult this whole pregnancy was for me and my whole family.  Maybe I will write about it later.  I am happy, in the end, she and I are fine and she is a perfect little girl.  Her brother’s adore her and I imagine will be very protective of her.  Watch out future boyfriends!! 

Ken will find out what is up with his job tomorrow morning!  It is hard to believe we will finally know.  After over a year of wondering what they will do with him.  I will be happy to finally know what’s going on!  And as for a weird twist we are hoping he gets let go.  Ken will get some severance if they let him go before April.  If they let him go after April he gets nothing and that would  be BAD.  So hears to being let go, NOW!!!

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I thought maybe I would never say those words!  I kept thinking are they sure?  The Ultrsound Tech said girl then the Dr. came in and confirmed girl.  Later Ken said wasn’t is obvious that it is a girl.  Having 2 boys we have seen ultrsound pictures for boys and there is no doubt when you see a penis!  There clearly was no penis!  We are very excited to be raising the girl count on both sides of the family, but the boys still outnumber the girls on both sides.  Poor girls! LOL  I haven’t posted much on my blog because I do my updating on facebook.  I will have to start updating here too for those who are not on facebook.  Here is a picture of our little Sophie Hannah!












On another note, we have about about 9 more days till we leave for Florida.  I feel so unprepared for this, but excited at the same time!  My sister will be having a baby shortly after we get there, at least she better wait, I tease her!  But, I really want to be there!

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Nicole’s Baby Shower


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Now I know there are people dead set against baby showers’s for 2nd or 3rd or 4th or so on babies. But, who cares what they think! I just had to give one to Nicole for Niko and I’m glad I did. Megan helped me and did an awesome job and everyone had a great time! I wish my mil and other sil’s could have been there too! You can click on the picture to see the rest of the shower pictures.

can’t wait to meet baby Niko! See Nicole, I finally spelled his name right!

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I know it’s been a LONG time!

I’ve been in a constant state of craziness for the past , almost, two months. The day after my dad was diagnose with Cancer the boys and I left for Florida. The boys and I stayed for 3 weeks and Ken stayed off and on for about a week and a half. My dad made it through surgery really well and has now been through 3 rounds of Chemo. We don’t know yet if it’s doing any good, but thank God my dad seems to be doing well. He, of course, gets sick, but overall I think he is doing great.

We got a surprise a few days before we left Florida and I had a + pregnancy test. A few weeks later I had a Dr.s appointment for an ultrasound and they couldn’t see a baby so they suspected I was very early. So I had to wait another 4 weeks for another ultrasound, pure torture! But, in the end everything was fine and on that day the baby was 9 week 3 days! So this Fall, I can’t believe it, we will have a 3rd child!


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We Love You Dad!


Ken, Ethan, Joshua and I love you so much!  We are praying for the best!  Wish we could be there for you sooner!  You will make it through this!


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Joshua lost his first tooth!

Here he is explaining the ordeal!







Josh lost his first tooth yesterday.  I’m in my office the boys are playing in the school room.  Josh comes screaming bloody murder which isn’t always an indication that he is really hurt.  The boy likes to scream!  But, then he comes in my office with a mouth FULL of blood.  Ethan is in the other room crying and saying “I’M SORRY!”.   My first thought is that he has a busted lip!  GREAT a trip to the ER is NOT what I wanted!  We didn’t know he had any loose teeth.  I’m guessing the tooth had to be at least a little loose cause that sucker came clean out!  It was a tramtic way to lose a tooth, he was very shaken up by it, but we managed to calm him down.

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